In Brief

Company in Brief

PT. ADI REKA MANDIRI (ARM) is one of Local Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) for telecomunication device, joint venture PT. EUIP (Esa Utama Inti Persada) with Arima Communications Taiwan.

PT. ADI REKA MANDIRI (ARM) has a working area of 6.696 square meters is located in the outskirts of Jakarta (Bekasi), West Java. with 24-hour close security monitoring equipped with hundreds of CCTV and a group of well-trainned security guards. We also empower the area with professional firecontrol system. This is our commitment to guarantee continuous production. With of modern production machines, extensive secondary facilities.

PT. ADI REKA MANDIRI (ARM) is well-known for its fully integrated high-technology manufacturing solutions. We deliver components, parts and assemblies for consumer electronics and devices, and multimedia peripheral With more than 10 years of accumulated engineering know-how in manufacturing low-end to high-end products.

Our quality has long been considered the standard of excellence in the industry. We earned this reputation by applying only the highest quality standards to every product we manufacture and we strive to satisfy any customer needs with outstanding performance and value.

PT. ADI REKA MANDIRI (ARM), strive to make sustainable products from process to product after-life. The performance of our integrated quality management is internationally accredited. ARM held accreditations ISO 9001:2015 acquired in June 2017 for Total Quality Management which covers processes, products, and people. A comprehensive Quality Assurance Laboratory enable us to assess and control each production stage with the procedure needed to comply with the required QA standard.

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