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Capable to support Customers TKDN (Local Content Requirement) and Testing Capability from Wifi, GPS, 2G ~ 4G

Final Assembly

As a fully integrated EMS, all our processes are aligned to work as one, from initial concept through prototype and production to final assembly and testing. Whether it’s PCB or final product and subsystems assembly that you require, we can put all the pieces together to your specifications, packing and shipping them to the next stage in their journey.

Accumulated How-Know

PTARM is well-known for its fully integrated high-technology manufacturing solutions. We deliver components, parts and assemblies for consumer electronics and devices peripheral

Quality Management

PT. ADI REKA MANDIRI (ARM), strive to make sustainable products from process to product after-life. The performance of our integrated quality management is internationally accredited. ARM held accreditations ISO 9001:2015 acquired in June 2017 for Total Quality Management which covers processes, products, and people.

Customer Portfolio

We have made concentrated efforts to diversify our industry sectors and customer base. Our Top Management, supported by executive management, work to expand existing customer relationships through the addition of product lines and services. These individuals also identify and attempt to develop relationships with new customers who meet our profile.

Let's grow together

Tiphone Mobile Indonesia and Taiwanese cellphone maker Arima Communication, plan to open a cellphone factory in Indonesia, located in Delta Silikon, Cikarang, West Java. The establishment of the Tiphone cellphone factory was also revealed as an agreement between two companies to form a joint venture company or a joint venture that will be agreed upon in the near future.

    "We hope that next year after the operation of this factory, R & D will no longer exist in Taiwan or China, but in Indonesia completely," said Tan Lie Pin, who is also usually called Lily Salim. In addition to producing smart phones (OEMs) for several brands, this subsidiary of PT Adi Reka Mandiri will also produce various mobile components for industrial use. As was done by Arima in Fujian, China and Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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After increasing sales at the end of last year, Infinix finally added a new factory. After the Satnusa Persada Tbk in Batam, Infinix officially established a partnership with PT Adi Reka Mandiri (ARM) to assemble 4G smartphones in Indonesia located in Cikarang, Java-West.

The selection of ARM itself is due to the superior experience of ARM in terms of smartphone assembly. In addition to experience, the strategic location of the ARM factory will also make shipping and restocking of products in Jakarta easier.

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